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The SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test is a revolution for the early diagnosis of male fertility.

It measures the concentration of the strongest progressive swimmers which are the only type of sperm cells that can reach and fertilize the woman’s egg. SwimCount® is a valid pre-screening sperm quality test for at-home use with Clinically Proven Accuracy.

The SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test is a qualitative test that detects sperm concentration above or below 5,000,000 Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per mL (PMSCs/mL). The test is intended for use as an aid in the determination of a man’s fertility status.

  • Easy and quick home test, instead of a visit to the doctor
  • Gives results of sperm quality after just 30 Minutes

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Please note:

The SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test is not to be used to determine the success of a vasectomy.

In general, 20% of all men have low sperm quality.*

This is one of the major reasons why couples experience difficulties getting pregnant in a natural way.

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Why choose SwimCount®?

We offer you the opportunity to test your sperm quality at home.

SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test is the is the world’s first valid and patented sperm quality test for home use that is able to measure the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs). PMSCs are the only sperm cells that can fertilize an egg and thereby make a woman pregnant in a natural way.

We know that having difficulties in getting pregnant in a natural way can be a long, frustrating, and complicated process and we know that infertility problems are a very private matter.

Many find it both inconvenient and embarrassing to visit a doctor, the hospital or a fertility clinic to learn about their fertility potential. Because of these inconveniences you may actually never get to the point of testing your fertility potential. And suddenly it is too late.

Our mission is to address these issues, as well as the rising and neglected male fertility across the globe with more than 20% of all men having low sperm quality.

  • One out of ten couples experience problems when trying to conceive
  • Around 40% of infertility cases worldwide are caused by male factors.

With the SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test we make it easy and possible in a discreet way at a very early stage in your baby process, to obtain a result of your fertility potential. With a high degree of reliability and in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are just starting out or have been trying for some time, dietary choices and nutrition can influence your fertility.

Using SwimCount® is Easy

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SwimCount® is Easy. Accurate. And Fast.


Test right in the privacy of your home. No lab visit necessary.


Learn if your sperm count is normal or low in just 30 minutes (after sample prep).


Clinical Proven Accuracy

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Frequently asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQʼs that may help to answer any queries you have.

There are 3 chambers to the device. Only Progressive Motile Sperm Cells can swim successfully from chamber #1 (the Sample Chamber) into chamber #2 (the Separation Chamber). There, your Progressive Motile Sperm Cells are stained with a dye which produces the color in chamber #3 (the Detection and Result Window). The more Progressive Motile Sperm Cells in your semen sample, the darker the color in the window and the higher your Progressive Motile Sperm Cells score. Remember: A Progressive Motile Sperm Cell is the only kind that can fertilize an egg.

Download the full Instructions for Use using the following links: in English | en Español

Yes, the following can destroy your test result:

  • Taking the test too soon after your last ejaculation (should be at least 2 days after, but not more than 7)
  • If there is not exactly 0.5 mL of the semen sample collected in the syringe
  • Not keeping the device steady on a horizontal surface throughout the test
  • If there are bubbles in the semen sample when put into the device
  • If the device is shaken during testing

The test result should be read within 5 minutes of pulling back the slider. The result may become unreliable if left longer. It is recommended to take a picture for documentation within 5 minutes. After that, the test result in the device will no longer be valid.

A Progressive Motile Sperm Cell is the only type of cell that can swim all the way to the egg and fertilize it.

 It takes 72 to 90 days for new sperm to develop. So, even if you implement lifestyle changes, you may not see dramatic changes for 2–3 months. However, it is possible for your score to improve month to month.

SwimCount® has a clinically proven 91.88% accuracy rate.

SwimCount® is the only at-home test that measures the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells in your semen — the only sperm cells that can reach and fertilize an egg and make a woman pregnant.

The sooner you identify an infertility problem, the sooner you can start lifestyle changes or fertility treatment for better chances of getting pregnant. Fertility decreases by age, so the sooner you’re treated, the better.

The SwimCount® Sperm Quality Test is not to be used to determine the success of a vasectomy.

SwimCount offers a limited warranty for products purchased directly from SwimCount or its authorized retailers. Our products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot warrant the quality of products handled by distributors outside of our carefully selected network of partners.

In order to qualify for warranty service, the original purchaser must furnish proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt issued by SwimCount or one of its authorized resellers. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original purchaser of the products and is not transferable.

The goal of this warranty policy is to assure that our products meet the standards set by SwimCount. We are committed to providing a high-quality experience for our valued customers.

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